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The RVACA Launches RVs For Autism; Donations Will Help people with Austim.

The Recreational Vehicle Advisor Consumer Association (RVACA) is excited to announce a new fund called, RVs For Austism. In recent months, RVs have served as isolation units for medical personnel on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. Now, RVs will serve a similar purpose for veterans, cancer and leukemia patients, homeless families and women in distress, as well as those with illnesses who are unable to travel by plane or automobile. 

“We’re honored to continue to help those in the fight against COVID-19,” says RVACA Founder, Gigi Stetler. “But there’s a lot more work to do, as there are many others struggling every day. Of course we can’t do it alone. Every bit of help matters. Donations, no matter what the amount, make a difference.” 

With your donations, our phase one fundraising efforts will provide those in need with the RVs to be used as places to live and medical treatment units.

Every donation counts no matter how big or small. The time is of the essence, we need to act fast in order to combat the challenges facing those who need help now. 

RVACA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization making your donations tax-deductible.  Together, we will make a difference in many lives. Please donate now.