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The RVACA was established with one mission, and that is to help the RV consumer. Before the RV Advisor was set up, the RV consumer had no one and was completely dangling at the mercy of the makers and sellers of the RV. The RV industry was able to implement any policy or price system they wanted.


Anyone should be shocked to hear that there is no association in Washington for the RV consumer. The RV industry and RV dealerships have lobbyists persuading lawmakers to write bills that favor the industries they represent. Finally, the RV consumer has the RVACA, a crusader defending their rights and protecting their interests!


The RVACA is here to protect RV owner’s rights and help individuals in distress. When natural disasters strike and homes are destroyed, Gigi, CEO of the RVACA, donated campers. When your life is suddenly turned upside down, and everything you owned is gone, to be given a place to sleep at night is the greatest gift to receive. From Hurricane Andrew to Irma, Gigi has been donating her own RVs for post-hurricane relief.


Gigi has also donated a camper to an II year old with leukemia so that he could travel around the country raising money and awareness for his cause. Gigi also donated five campers to Monroe County Sheriff Deputies who were left homeless after a hurricane.


As the article began, it will end – the RV Advisor strives to help people who need help. Tragedy can come in the shape of a massive hurricane or a deceptive RV contract. When tragedy strikes, sometimes the only light in the darkness is RVACA.