Consumer Rights

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  • Basic needs – American consumers must be allowed to access basic needs, including food, water, education, shelter and more of good quality and at a decent price.


  • Redress – American consumers are allowed to seek compensation if they suffered harm, whether financial or in another way, as a result of a product or service.


  • Education – American consumers will be able to make better decisions when making a purchase as long as there is available information on the product or service.


  • Healthy Environment – Americans have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment.


  • Safety – American consumers shall be protected from harm while using products or services.


  • Information – American consumers have the right to look at advertisements that do not contain false or misleading information.


  • Choose – American consumers must have a selection of prices and quality to choose from.


  • Heard – American consumers must express their opinion about a product or service.