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The RVACA is an alliance of RV users fighting to protect our rights in and out of court, as well as making sure RV manufacturers and dealers deliver defect-free RVs to the consumer. As of right now, RV sales are at record-high volumes, pressing manufacturers to deliver RVs quickly. With no government oversight, the RV industry has no incentive to take their time and manufacture RVs free of defects. That could explain why your brand-new RV turned could have turned out to be a lemon — manufacturers, and dealers can be the easiest to blame — but it could be the RV consumer’s fault, particularly when they go into a dealership with no knowledge on how to buy and what to look for.

Associations are very important in our society. Associations help create and institute policies, rules, and regulations within a specific trade or industry. The fact that the RV industry has no oversight, amplifies the need for a consumer association. As consumers, and according to the Consumer Bill of Rights, RV users have the right to safety, to information, to choose, and to be heard. All consumers are vested with these inalienable rights. At the RVACA, our mission is to ensure that these rights are honored and that the RV consumer’s voice is heard. That is what you can expect when you register with the RVACA (RV Advisor Consumer Association).

The RVACA also operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is focused on protecting the rights of RV owners. Donations and proper funding enable us to work with dealers and manufacturers to ensure quality-control measures are in place prior to the delivery of an RV. In addition, the RVACA provides mediation assistance and represent RV owners at legal capacity when it pertains to issues with a defective RV.

Giving back to our communities is important. That’s why, at the RVACA, we developed charitable programs that provide assistance to disaster relief victims as well as RV owners who are unable to resolve defective RV issues. And, when it comes to a crisis, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, we developed a program that provided temporary housing to health workers and front-line responders in order to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Learn more about Our Charitable Programs.

There are a few ways we succeed in our mission which is to Protect RV Owner’s Rights; through education and legislative support towards fighting for our rights.



When you register your RV with the RVACA’s National Database of RVs, our system accesses information pertaining to your RV and provides you with updates to ensure the safety and operability of your RV. That information includes RV recalls, quality control, warranties, legal suits, component notices, pre-delivery inspection, lemon-laws at the state level, and consumer roles and responsibilities.

The RVACA National Database system distributes information found about a member’s RV. What’s important to look for among the information you receive are the Manufacturer Recalls. These Recall notices are meant to be sent to an RV owner, but many times the RV owner either does not receive it or simply ignores it. At the RVACA, we emphasize the importance of the Recalls as they provide our members with the opportunity to service a well-known defect in their RV or component therein. Recalls, help you maintain the safety and operability of your RV without having to pay out-of-pocket to repair that specific issue.

As a member you are provided with information and support to help you make informed decisions prior to buying or selling an RV, warranty or service plan. In addition, you receive information about RV industry trends, local and federal laws that can impact your RV as well as your lifestyle, benefits, and opportunities.


Legislation to Benefit the RV Owner

The pen is mightier than the sword. As the number of registered RVs in our National Database of RVs grows and the volume of RV owners continue to join the RVACA, our voice becomes a formidable force to be reckoned with. As a collective body, we will have the strength to hire lobbyists to represent us in Washinton. Our goal is to influence the legislative decision-makers to establish laws that benefit and protect the RV owner.

As you are truckin’ down the highway in your RV, most likely the last thing on your mind is a desire to join a coalition of RV users. In order to build an army, there must first be a reason to fight. And, as of now there is little to no government oversight on the manufacture of RVs and there is little to no protection when it comes to pursuing a claim for damages from a defective RV. As Americans, we are given rights to protect us from unfair business practices, defective products, and deceptive deals.

Our ultimate goal is to get a seat in Washington, so register your RV today and help us keep your rights protected.