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The RVACA, Recreational Vehicle Advisor Consumer Association, is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the independent RV owner as well as helping individuals and families that are in distress due to disaster whether it occurred naturally or by accident.

Our goal is to make a difference in people’s lives. We do that, first and foremost, by protecting the rights of the RV owner. Second, we need to work with the manufacturers and dealers to institute practices and policies that enable the RV consumer to make more informed decisions when buying or selling an RV. Third, and perhaps most important, is for us to maximize quality control of newly manufactured RVs prior to delivery to the RV dealerships in order to minimize warranty and voidable warranty issues.

As we all know, RV lemon laws are essentially non-existent in many states. Our goal is to maintain a fund that enables us to mediate between the RV owner and all parties involved. Minimizing the burden on RV manufacturers and the dealerships can help expedite remediation objectives as well as lowering the financial burden across all parties. A critical aspect to protecting RV owner’s rights is to establish a seat in Washington DC to fight for the rights of the RV owner. But we can’t do it alone. Let’s all help each other. Help by supporting the RVACA and its worthwhile causes. That way, everyone benefits. The RVACA has partnered with the RV Advisor, a community for RV owners and outdoor enthusiasts. By joining the RVACA, the RV Advisor has agreed to provide you with a free membership to its community, where you can make friends, get educated on RVs and the industry, join contests, generate income, receive coupons to use no matter where you are, travel discounts and rewards and find discounts on essential RV products and services such as Roadside Assistance and more.

Together we can make a difference. Help by donating or sponsoring the RVACA. Whether you are an RV owner, business, organization or individual, your support ensures we protect RV owner’s rights and help those individuals in distress.

The RVACA is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) meeting all tax-exemption requirements.

CEO and Founder – Gigi Stetler
Directors – Christina Hurst and Ivan Smith.
Administrator – Lucas Alvarado
Media and Communications – Tom Alexander