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RVACA Providing Temporary Housing through its Coronavirus Assistance Fund

As the Coronavirus spreads, the world has become a different place. Stores are closed, streets are empty, and life in many places has been reduced to a hush. The Coronavirus has already contaminated every industry and city in the world. What defense do we have? The RVACA, Recreational Vehicle Advisor Consumer Association, is trying to defeat the virus by providing RVs as temporary housing to anyone in need of quarantine or isolation. You can fight the virus alongside the RVACA.

Initially, the RVACA will provide isolation assistance to those who need it most, such as people who have been exposed to a positive Coronavirus case, healthcare providers or public service providers.

The Most Effective way You could Fight the Virus is to Join our Cause

Most health providers will agree, when it comes to viruses as deadly as the Coronavirus, the best defense is isolation. If you feel that you are at risk, where can you go? Hospitals are the worst places, considering everyone in there is already sick and very susceptible to the Coronavirus. You could lock yourself up in the basement, but then everyone else in the house is vulnerable to the disease, and in turn those who family members interact with as well.

The RVACA is providing temporary isolation in the form of RVs, to anyone who feels vulnerable to the disease. Ideally, if everyone affected is isolated, the Coronavirus will be defeated. Such an honorable mission is the intent of the RVACA, a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Gigi Stetler.

Governments Recognize how Effective RVs can be Against the Coronavirus

Gigi understands that RVs are the greatest instruments to fight catastrophes. Gigi has provided RVs to victims of some of the biggest natural disasters to occur in the past few years, article. When a hurricane destroys someone’s home, and their family is forced to sleep on a bench, nothing is more appreciated than an RV.

In terms of the Coronavirus, governments across the country acknowledge the benefits that RVs offer. This article illustrates how instrumental RVs can be in the fight against the Coronavirus.

If you, or anyone in your household, are in need of isolation or quarantine from the Coronavirus, apply for the Coronavirus Assistance Fund, whereby an RV can be deployed at or near your place of residence. Fill out this form and apply now.