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NAME: Ernest Llo.
REQUEST: Hello, I am a Registered nurse who works at Boulder Community Health in Boulder, CO. I have a wife and a 4-year-old son at home. I have become increasingly concerned that as I care for more Covid-19 patients, I am undoubtedly increasing the risk of transmitting the virus to my family. I do not want to be the reason my family suffers so I am currently looking for other places to stay. I am willing to stay by myself or with another health worker. I will take what is available. Thank you for your time and consideration.





NAME: Cynthia Laird
REQUEST: It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone. Thank you for supporting healthcare workers that are on the front line fighting the war with the corona.

Welcome to camp covid! This awesome travel trailer was donated to me by RVACA , a non profit group who provides temporary housing for people in the midsts of disaster.

They have repurposed their efforts to provide their services to HEALTHCARE WORKERS ON THE FRONTLINES. They are ensuring not only that a healthcare worker has a safe place to isolate, but that their families are not at risk of exposure from them.

The idea is GENUIS and absolutely necessary to keep frontline staff working.

I am beyond grateful for the support they have offered me. My family is safe. My heart is at peace knowing they’re safe. And I am ready and available to get back to work scanning patients. It takes a team to battle covid. Ct is the eyes of medicine. Diagnosing everything from traumatic injuries, to strokes, to pneumonia caused by covid19, in seconds. I can do my part bc of RVACA. 🇺🇸❤️💪🏼🦠

So here’s your call to action. Everyone says they want to help. But do you just say it ? Or do you follow through?

How about Donating to RVACA ?

How about supporting frontline staff by helping to provide an rv to a ct tech?

A nurse? An ER DR? A respiratory tech?

$10 is a trip to Taco Bell. $20 is less then a trip to the movie theatre. And you all are supposed to be HOME hiding from a deadly virus! Donate whatever you’re comfortable with. This group is legit and had an rv in my driveway the same day!

It ensures people like me do not have to chose between going to work to care for your sick family member over staying home to protect mine.




NAME: Janice Hart (on behalf of Joshua) .
REQUEST: My son, Josh, is the healthcare worker. He lives with me and my husband. We are both high risk elderly people with pre=existing health conditions. Josh is the one who would need to be isolated from us so as to not spread the virus to us, should he get it at work. This is where he works, with info pertaining to their admission of COVID patients.

Gigi, Jim Partsch just delivered the trailer. It is awesome! We are so grateful to you for this service. It is much needed! May God bless you and keep you and your family safe!!! (And Josh is our son 😊).



NAME: Magen MacLeod .
MESSAGE: Hello. I saw that you recently helped my coworker, Cindee with her living situation to keep her family safe during these scary times. I am a trauma resuscitation nurse, which basically means I deal with patients as soon as they get to the emergency room with life threatening traumatic injuries. I moved home to be with my mom about two years ago to help her with her worsening medical problems. She takes daily oral medication to suppress her immune system, and receives monthly infusions. I am very scared that I am putting her at risk by simply doing my job, but I have nowhere else to live. It would also give me great peace of mind to be close if something were to happen to her. If you could assist me in finding an RV/camper, I would be forever grateful. I have been searching the web and calling dealers without luck.

I am very thankful to be making this post from my temporary RV housing donated to me by RVACA.

I really can’t believe their generosity and kindness. Because of their amazing donation, I’ll be able to go to work and not be constantly worried about exposing my immunocompromised mom to COVID. They are helping other healthcare workers keep their families safe. Maybe you can donate a few dollars so they can keeping helping others.



NAME: Jacqueline Grasso .
REQUEST: I’m an ER RN, my elderly mother with lung disease lives with me, I’ve been doing the best I can by isolating in my daughter’s room and she is now my husband’s room with our baby as well. As you can imagine its cramped. I’m worried I’ll possibly infect my mother. The outcome would be death for her, I’m almost positive. I beg and pray that you’ll be able to assist me in these scary times. Thank you for reading.