Why do we need the RVACA?

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Right now, there is a void in the RV industry, and that is the voice of the RV owner. The RVACA was established specifically to protect and advocate for RV owner’s rights. As the RVACA continues to increase its members and the number of RVs registered in the RVACA’s National Database of RVs, the industry will transform for the benefit of our members.

Our mission is to defend the independent RV owner. Our goal is to get a seat in Washington and fight for your rights as well as work with the manufacturers and dealers to institute policies and practices that are transparent and fair for all parties specifically you the RV consumer. As an RVACA member, your registered RV is protected. You are eligible for repair assistance and pre-litigation support.


Why are associations important?


Associations are made with the purpose of uniting people in similar categories. Associations consist of individuals who become a team, as they advocate for each other and celebrate recent bureaucratic victories. Countless associations exist, representing everyone from fishermen to bowlers.


There is a reason why seven out of every ten adults belong to at least one association. Also, according to the Empire State Society of Association Executives, there are more than 100,000 trade and professional associations in the country. The mere existence of associations makes our society more informed, which in turn, improves lawmaking. Associations check all aspects of their specific trade, to make sure everything is legitimate and safe. As a result, life is better thanks to associations. Membership Dues


When you register your RV today with the RVACA, you get all the benefits, protections, and a voice as a member pursuing rights for RV owners.
Membership dues are only $50 annually.


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The RVACA has partnered with The RV Advisor to offer a free 1-Year complimentary membership to their magazine, social platform, travel discount, and motor club.


More about the RV Advisor

The RV Advisor provides a platform for RVers and outdoor enthusiasts to engage and interact with like-minded individuals through its social portal. In addition, the RV Advisor provides a website filled with tons of content and information which include articles, instructional videos, podcasts from RV experts, essential RV services such as Roadside Assistance, Extended RV Warranties, Tire & Wheel Protection, RV Insurance, GPS (Gigi’s Personal Service) intended to provide legal and mediation support for existing and prospective RV Owner’s. The RV Advisor also provides discounts, on-the-go local coupons, travel rewards, contests, and more. It’s an unbelievable help organization that’s also focused on Protecting the RV Owner’s rights.
Once again, when you Join the RVACA, you get all this with your complimentary 1-Year membership with the RV Advisor. Our membership dues are only $50 a year.